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1. Being a decentralized platform, you will have autonomy on the choices that are provided such as refund policies of your customers, Terms of Payment, Prices, Information, Etc., that will be recorded on the blockchain. Blockchain information are the historical record of transparent transactions that cannot be denied or disputed. Errors in your previous decisions or reversals will not be handled as disputes but as corrective transactions with a similar procedure format.

2. It is the obligation of all parties to pay your local duties at your respective jurisdictions since our transactions have required tax registries and price inclusion. Our website is open to the rest of the world and to everyone who can comply.

3. $QUBE tokens are what you use to play our Games.

4. $USDC is what you will use amongst yourselves and our platform commission.

5. Administrative Rejections on Product Veracity, Quality, and others will be clear and transparent using our truth metrics. Our data standards are all based on Singaporean Global Standard

6. Not Available for U.S. Citizens.

Homeqube Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: September 12, 2023

Welcome to HomeQube!

These are the HomeQube Platform Terms of Service (the "Terms"). These Terms govern your use of the HomeQube Platform and its associated services. Your use of the HomeQube Platform signifies your acceptance of the Terms, as well as any policies incorporated by reference.

These terms are significant because they outline the following:

- how to handle any issues that may arise from your use of the HomeQube Platform; and

- the guidelines, terms, and conditions that govern your use of and bidding and/or bookings on the HomeQube Platform.


There is a possibility that it is illegal for some people to access the contents on this platform in certain nations and territories, and we don't guarantee that the materials are suitable or accessible for use in every place where the platform is accessible.

In these Terms, HomeQube Pte. Ltd. is referred to as "HomeQube," "we," "our," or "us."

HomeQube operates as an e-commerce platform that connects property owners to prospective customers to streamline the rental/bidding and/or booking process. Our goal is to provide the best experience to all our users through a gamified platform, and state-of-the-art technology in web3, for more efficient market economics

Property Owners may include those providing, without limitation:

• lodging and impermanent accommodation, which may include but is not limited to rest houses, serviced apartments, rooms for rent, hostels, cottages, hotels, ryokans, and bed-and-breakfasts, ("Accommodations");

• Construction materials, supplies, home design and property building solutions,

through an easy-to-use platform, the provision of which is individually and together referred to as our "Services." Our mobile application (the "App") and website (the "Website") together constitute our "Platform" through which you can access our Services.

There are instances wherein we collaborate with affiliates and other outside partners (referred to as "Partners") to make it easier to list and reserve specific platform products.

When we use “you”, “your” or “User”, we refer to anyone who accesses or uses our Platform and Services.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or claims with respect to our Platform or these Terms, you may contact our Customer Service.



1.1 HomeQube owns this platform but it does not own nor have any custody whatsoever of the products, accommodations, and properties shown herein. Homeqube is a Peer 2 Peer e-commerce decentralized platform that serves as a marketplace but does not have any control or participation in the transactions of property owners and their customers. Homeqube also does not keep any data of the customers as it is the property owners who have direct access and store the same.

We therefore, give you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable, and revocable license, to use our Decentralized Platform and use our Services for personal, non-commercial purposes in compliance with these Terms. We do not provide you with any further rights or licenses in relation to our Platform except for this restricted license. All rights and permissions not specifically granted in this document are reserved. You guarantee and declare to us that the sole purpose for which you are using our platform is for personal, non-commercial use.

1.2 The utilization of the Platform for any activities that are illegal or banned by the Terms, or for any other purposes that are not reasonably intended by the platform provider, is strictly prohibited. As an illustrative instance, and without imposing any restrictions, you consent to refrain from utilizing our Platform and/or its content for the following purposes:

1.2.1 Making fraudulent, untrue, or speculative bidding and/or bookings on our Platform;

1.2.2 Misrepresenting or attempting to misrepresent our Platform as the creation of any entity other than HomeQube. This includes the amendment, removal or substitution of any indications of authorship, trademarks, business names, logos, or other identifiers of origin.

1.2.3 Engaging in the resale of any items or services acquired or booked using our Platform, or to utilize them for any commercial purposes, unless explicit written authorization has been granted by HomeQube.

1.2.4 Engaging in activities that impede or disturb the functioning of our Platform, as well as the servers or networks linked to our Platform.

1.2.5 Engaging in activities such as disassembling, reverse engineering, decompiling, or modifying any program or application found on our Platform, either in its whole or partially. Additionally, users are not allowed to make any attempts to gain or access the source code of our Platform.

1.2.6 Employing either manual or programming software or methods to oversee, replicate, extract, transfer, or otherwise gather any material shown on our Platform, encompassing text, graphics, pictures, images, illustrations, audio, video, data, ratings, reviews, and other forms of information ("Content"). Various human or automatic technologies or processes, such as datamining, scraping, spidering, indexing, storing, or rehosting the Content, are involved in these activities outside of our Platform.

1.2.7 Integrating, embedding, or inserting any component of the Platform inside another website or establishing direct links to certain sections of the Platform (including purchasing processes) without obtaining explicit written authorization from us.

1.2.8 Engaging in activities that compromise the security of any network, such as unauthorized access to passwords or encryption codes, unauthorized transmission or storage of unlawful material, or any other unauthorized acquisition of passwords, accounts, or private information from other users of our platform, is strictly prohibited.

1.2.9 Acquiring or making an effort to acquire unauthorized entry, by any means, to any of the systems belonging to the HomeQube.

1.2.10 Manipulating identifiers, such as the forging of headers, with the intention of concealing the true source of any content that you distribute.

1.2.11 Posting, transmitting, or facilitating the posting or transmission of: (a) any content that is defamatory, libelous, obscene, offensive, fraudulent, misleading, abusive, pornographic, harassing, or profane; (b) malicious content such as viruses, malware, or Trojan horses, or any content that disrupts another user's access to our Platform; and (c) unsolicited mass mailings or other forms of junk mail, including chain letters or spam.

1.2.12 Doing anything else which could cause damage or cause a negative impact to the Platform and HomeQube.

1.2.13 Violating any relevant law, ordinance, legislation, or regulation as well as any third party's or our own rights, including proprietary or intellectual property rights.

1.3 If, according to the user's behavior, HomeQube has reason to believe that the user has engaged in any acts that are forbidden under the Terms, HomeQube has the right to restrict the user's account or refuse to provide any benefits or Promotions.


2.1 HomeQube does not store the data related to your account. During the utilization of our Platform, it may be necessary for you to engage in the process of registering and upkeeping a user account with us, which may be referred to as a "HomeQube Account". By creating a HomeQube Account, users are required to give accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information throughout the registration process. When choosing a username, it is imperative that you refrain from picking or utilizing the name of another individual with the intention of assuming their identity, or a name or trademark that is legally protected by another individual or entity, unless you have obtained the necessary authorization.

2.2 HomeQube shall not assume responsibility for any financial or physical harm resulting from the user's non-compliance with clause 2. In accordance with the extent allowed by relevant legislation, HomeQube reserves the right to decline the registration of a HomeQube Account or terminate an existing HomeQube Account without prior notification or legal obligation.

2.3 HomeQube shall not assume responsibility for any financial or physical harm resulting from the user's non-compliance with clause 2. In accordance with the extent allowed by relevant legislation, HomeQube reserves the right to decline the registration of a HomeQube Account or terminate an existing HomeQube Account without prior notification or legal obligation.

2.4 We further retain the authority to prohibit or obstruct Users from using our Platform, either partially or entirely, with or without a HomeQube Account, on a permanent or temporary basis, as determined by our discretion. In the event of being banned, users are obligated to refrain from attempting to access our Platform using alternative usernames or through the utilization of other user accounts.


3.1 The user assumes full responsibility for any potential harm or loss incurred by accessing any content through our Platform. HomeQube shall not be held liable for any loss or damage, regardless of the circumstances, that may occur as a result of accessing or being exposed to any Content on our Platform. This includes, but is not limited to, errors or omissions, as well as any exclusions, additions, or changes made by HomeQube on our Platform. There is no assurance provided on the continuous availability or uninterrupted functioning of our Platform. We shall not assume responsibility for any loss or harm incurred by you as a result of the unavailability or interruption of our Platform or Services.

3.2 There are no assurances made on the genuineness, precision, or comprehensiveness of any Content available on our Platform as HomeQube neither have access nor custody to the same, which includes Content contributed by other Users or our Property Owners. The pricing shown for our Platform items are subject to variability and may undergo modifications during or subsequent to your search. Once a Confirmed Bidding and/or booking has been obtained, any later changes in listed pricing will not impact the price of the bidding and/or booking. The information pertaining to Platform products on our Platform, which encompasses ratings, rankings, and reviews, is sourced from the corresponding Property Owners of said Platform products. This includes their representatives such as distributors, channel managers, and partners. Furthermore, we cannot provide any assurances on the integrity of the Content accessible on our Platform, as it may have been subject to modifications caused by technological malfunctions or unauthorized individuals.

3.3 The Platform we provide should not be seen as a recommendation or endorsement of any Product or Property Owner mentioned on our Platform. We explicitly disavow any assertion, guarantee, or commitment on the excellence, condition, characteristics, or sufficiency of any Product and Property Owner featured on our Platform. Occasionally, we may provide programs that allow Property Owners to enhance the exposure of their products on our Platform. This may include sponsored listings, among other options. Product listings will be appropriately labeled or use explicit language to ensure clarity.


4.1 Insofar as our Platform permits you to publish, upload, transmit, or otherwise provide any Content, such as, but not limited to your evaluation of any Product ("User Content"), you thus consent to the following:

4.1.1 All user-generated content that is uploaded is not considered secret or proprietary and must adhere to our applicable evaluation rules, such as our Guest Review rules;

4.1.2 It is advised that personal information should not be included in your User Content as Homeqube does not store the said information. If it is appropriate, it can only be used for the objectives stated in this document, and only if such utilization adheres to the relevant data protection legislation as outlined in our Privacy Policy;

4.1.3 The user bears full responsibility and legal liability for the User Content they upload. Furthermore, the user affirms and commits to refraining from sharing any content that is untrue, deceptive, discriminatory, or that would contravene or encroach upon the rights of any third party, including but not limited to privacy rights, intellectual property rights, or proprietary rights;

4.1.3 The user bears full responsibility and legal liability for the User Content they upload. Furthermore, the user affirms and commits to refraining from sharing any content that is untrue, deceptive, discriminatory, or that would contravene or encroach upon the rights of any third party, including but not limited to privacy rights, intellectual property rights, or proprietary rights;

4.1.4 There is no requirement for us to undertake the hosting, storage, retention, publication, sharing, or availability of any User Content that you contribute. It is your responsibility to create backups of any User Content if deemed essential;

4.1.5 We now acknowledge your authorization to initiate measures against people and entities that violate our or your rights pertaining to the User Content;

4.1.6 While you retain ownership of all intellectual property rights in your User Content, you grant us and our affiliates a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, and sub-licensable right to utilize, reproduce, openly display, disseminate, change, adapt, distribute, translate, and generate derivative works from your User Content. This grant includes the right to utilize your User Content for marketing and advertising purposes on our Platform, with or without attribution to you. Additionally, you agree to relinquish your moral rights and any similar rights you may have in your User Content to the fullest extent permitted by law in any jurisdiction; and

4.1.7 The inclusion of User Content does not imply our support or relationship with you.

4.2 To clarify, we retain the authority, at our own discretion, to delete User Content based on the Guest Review Rules and/or if we believe it violates these Terms, any relevant legislation, or has the potential to harm us, other Users, or third parties. Generally, we will inform you of the reasons for our actions unless, we have a reasonable belief that it would violate the law or the instructions of a legal enforcement authority, or pose a legal risk for us or our Partners, harm an investigation or the integrity or functioning of the Platform, or cause harm to any User, third party, us, or our Partners.


5.1 The inclusion of hyperlinks on this platform to websites controlled by third parties is solely intended for the purpose of providing reference to users. HomeQube does not assume any responsibility for the services offered by and/or content of these websites, and lacks the ability to regulate their content, accessibility, and privacy policies. In the event that you choose to access a hyperlink or advertising from a third party, it is important to note that you will be redirected away from our Platform. Any information you supply during this process will be subject to the privacy and cookie policies of the respective third party. We recommend reviewing these policies before to proceeding. HomeQube shall not assume responsibility or liability for the potential outcomes resulting from the act of accessing the aforementioned websites, which may include exposure to harmful hardware and software infections, as well as spyware and malware. The endorsement or recommendation of these websites or any of its contents is not supported by us.

5.2 Prior to establishing ties to our Platform, any third party should tell HomeQube of their purpose. HomeQube has the right to refuse authorization for any connections to be established on our Platform. In the event that HomeQube grants permission for the inclusion of external links, it is important to note that HomeQube is not obligated to build reciprocal links with the respective third party.



6.1 The terms discussed in this section pertain to HomeQube's delivery of its Services connected to facilitating the bidding and/or booking of the Product through the Platform. If the Product bidding and/or booking facilitation-related Services are given by a Partner or made through a Partner's platform, it is advised to consult the Partner's terms and conditions of use and privacy policy. These documents will control the relationship between you and the Partner. To clarify, in cases where the Product is supplied by a Partner, the act of bidding and/or booking through the Platform can be understood as an offer to reserve a particular service (such as Accommodations, Flights, or a rental car). This offer is contingent upon the acceptance of the Partner, and only upon acceptance does it become a legally binding transaction. The price displayed on the Platform for the specific Product, along with any additional terms and conditions communicated by the Partner during the bidding and/or booking process, will form the basis of the binding contract. It is important to note that this contract will be subject to the terms and conditions set forth by the Partner. When appropriate, the Partner will provide confirmation of the acceptance of the Product bidding and/or booking by email communication. In the aforementioned scenarios, we shall furnish the pertinent Partner with your payment details for the purpose of facilitating payment processing and validating your reservation. The Partner retains the prerogative to decline bidding and/or bookings in accordance with their established terms and conditions.

6.2 It should be noted that HomeQube does not facilitate the organization of ground transportation. In cases where ground transportation is provided, it is arranged and offered by either the Property Owner or a Partner, rather than HomeQube. HomeQube is not responsible for the safety, reliability, frequency, or level of service of such transportation services. If your Confirmed Bidding and/or booking involves a self-transfer, you are accountable for the transfer, and HomeQube does not assume any liability for the self-transfer, except as specified in the terms of the HomeQube.com Guarantee, if applicable. To determine which additional fees are included or excluded for self-transfers and ground transportation, please consult Customer Service.

6.3 Unless otherwise stated, all of our Product bidding and/or booking facilitation-related Services are provided by HomeQube Pte. Ltd., which is exempt private company limited by shares, incorporated under the laws of Singapore, having its registered address at 160 Robinson Road, #14-04 Singapore (068914) and is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore under company registration number 202041884Z.


7.1 When a reservation is made for any product on our platform, the bidding and/or booking is established directly with the property owner(s) shown on the bidding and/or booking page. Our platform serves just as a facilitator for the process of making bidding and/or bookings. The provision, ownership, and management of the Platform products accessible through our Platform are not within our purview, and we bear no responsibility to offer or manage said Platform goods. The ownership, control, and provision of the Platform goods are attributed to the Property Owners, either through direct ownership or acting as agents. The responsibility for the Platform goods is with the Property Owners. Engaging in interactions with property owners through our platform carries inherent risks that are solely the responsibility of the user. HomeQube assumes no liability in the event of any mishaps occurring during your vacation or while utilizing the Product.

7.2 By submitting a bidding and/or booking using our Platform, you are expressing your intention to book the designated Product(s) in accordance with the terms outlined below ("Bidding and/or booking Request"). The Property Owner will provide the Product to you, and the terms and conditions governing that Product will be established between you and the Property Owner. This agreement will be a distinct and enforceable contract under these Terms, once accepted by the Supplier, conveyed to HomeQube, and subsequently communicated to you through a confirmation email from HomeQube. It is recognized that the "thank you page" displayed subsequent to the submission of your Bidding and/or booking Request does not signify a Confirmed Bidding and/or booking, but rather signifies that your Bidding and/or booking Request has been received by HomeQube for further processing.

7.3 In order to make a bidding and/or booking for a product or property on our Platform, it is necessary to have a Payment Instrument, such as any of HomeQube's accepted cryptocurrency, credit card, debit card, digital wallet, or any other payment method that we may allow at any given moment.

7.4 In certain instances, a confirmation number may be furnished to you via the confirmation email. The inclusion of a certificate for redemption, may be contingent upon the policies set forth by the Supplier. Neither the party representing us nor the property owner shall assume liability for the loss, theft, or destruction of confirmation or numbers/codes.

7.5 HomeQube reserves the authority to decline any Bidding and/or booking or bidding Request and terminate any Confirmed Bidding and/or booking and bidding, including on behalf of the Supplier, or any portion thereof, unless forbidden by applicable local legislation, without providing a specific rationale. In the event that payment has been made, we will proceed to reimburse the sums that have been paid for the components that were denied or cancelled, as outlined in our Refund Policy, unless:

7.5.1 If you are found to be in violation of these Terms or any relevant legislation;

7.5.2 HomeQube reserves the right, at its own discretion, to deny a refund to individuals based on various grounds, such as suspected fraudulent activity or abuse, among others

7.5.3 According to the terms and conditions set by the property owner, refunds are not permitted.

7.6 The Property Owner(s) who are pertinent to the matter may enforce supplementary terms and conditions, regulations, and limitations (referred to as "Property Owner Terms") that will be pertinent to your Confirmed Bidding and/or booking. These terms may pertain to modifications, cancellations, and reimbursements. During the bidding and/or booking process, the name of each property owner will be presented, along with the appropriate property owner terms or a link to their property owner terms, if available. It is important to thoroughly comprehend and accept any relevant Property Owner Terms before finalizing your bidding and/or booking, since these terms may differ for each product. If one is making a reservation on behalf of others, it is necessary to ensure that those individuals are informed about and consent to the relevant Property Owner Terms. In the event of non-compliance with the Property Owner Terms, the Property Owner has the prerogative to decline or revoke your bidding and/or booking without providing any reimbursement. To get information on the products and services offered by the Suppliers or to inquire about the Property Owner Terms, it is advised to contact the Property Owner directly.


8.1 Currency & Cryptocurrency selection and effects

The Platform facilitates the process of bidding and/or making bookings with Property Owners throughout the entire world. As a result of our diverse user base spanning across different countries and the global scope of our listings, we provide several choices about the currency in which you will be billed and the currency shown to you on our Platform.

8.2 Charges for Taxes and Fees

8.2.1 When perusing the Platform's selection of items, it is important to note that the Display Price often does not include taxes and service costs, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.

8.2.2 Regarding Accommodations, the Taxes and Fees mentioned encompass an estimated amount intended to reimburse HomeQube for the expenses incurred to connect the relevant Property Owner(s) in relation to your bidding and/or booking. These expenses may include taxes owed by the Property Owner(s) or HomeQube, as applicable, for the services provided to you. Such taxes may include, but are not limited to, occupancy tax, sales and use tax, room tax, service tax, excise tax, value added tax, goods and services tax, consumption tax, and other similar taxes.

8.2.3 In the context of enabling the user's bidding and/or booking process, the payment made through their chosen Payment method may include various charges, taxes, and fees ("Taxes and Fees"), unless otherwise specified. These Taxes and Fees may encompass expenses related to banking services,cryptocurrency, and credit card usage, provided that such information is accessible or known to us. The Taxes and Fees charged by HomeQube are subject to variability due to several variables, such as the payment amount made to the Property Owner, the geographical and categorical characteristics of the Property Owner and/or Product, and the potential inclusion of a fee retained by HomeQube.

Regarding accommodations, the taxes and fees mentioned may encompass a charge for the assistance services rendered by HomeQube in connection with your bidding and/or booking activities (referred to as the "HomeQube Bidding and/or Booking Fee"). Unless explicitly forbidden by legislation, the HomeQube Bidding and/or booking Fee is not eligible for a refund.

8.2.4 The amount of Taxes and Fees paid to the Property Owner on your behalf, particularly related to your reservation, may differ in specific jurisdictions compared to the estimated Taxes and Fees amount provided by HomeQube and included in your charge. HomeQube may keep the remainder of the projected cost for Taxes and Fees, if applicable, as an amount that contributes to their overall remuneration

(a) Regarding any product component of your bidding and/or booking, the aforementioned phrase pertains to the processing fee charged by HomeQube for the services rendered in regard to the specified product;

(b) Regarding any accommodation (as appropriate depending on the jurisdiction), the price charged by HomeQube for the services rendered to you in regard to said property.

8.2.5 The user has complete responsibility for any taxes, charges, fees, levies, and assessments that may arise from utilizing this Platform. Our objective is to furnish consumers with the comprehensive cost of each bidding and/or booking on the Platform. However, it is possible that a government-imposed tax may be introduced or escalated subsequent to the acquisition of the bidding and/or booking. In the event of such an occurrence, it is understood that by acknowledging and accepting these Terms, you are consenting to the payment of any newly introduced or increased government-imposed tax, unless such payment is forbidden by applicable legislation.

8.2.6 In the context of bidding and/or bookings pertaining to Platform products situated in specific countries, the Taxes and Fees component may encompass government-imposed service charges or other fees that are not remitted directly to the taxing authorities but are mandated by law to be collected by the relevant Supplier or HomeQube, as applicable.

8.2.7 In instances where the provision of Product bidding and/or booking facilitation-related Services is carried out by a Partner or conducted through a Partner's platform, the determination of relevant taxes and fees will be outlined in the terms and conditions established by the said Partner.

8.2.8 With the exception of the circumstances outlined in these Terms, HomeQube does not assume the role of the tax collector responsible for collecting and remitting taxes to the relevant tax authorities, unless mandated by law or where HomeQube is obligated to collect and submit taxes on behalf of the Property Owners. The Property Owners, acting as vendors, incorporate all applicable taxes into the total price shown for bidding and/or booking. HomeQube has no responsibility for remitting these amounts to the vendors or, if mandated by law, directly to the appropriate tax authorities. HomeQube is not a co-vendor affiliated with the suppliers with whom we make reservations for our customers' travel plans. The taxability of a transaction, as well as the applicable tax rate and kind of taxes, might vary based on several variables, including the geographical location and the nature of the service provided.

8.3 Electronically Supplied Services

HomeQube has the potential to offer Electronically Supplied Services (ESS), which are extra services that are separate from, in addition to, or related to the Services and products provided by the Property Owners. A service charge may be requested for these ESS, upon your acceptance of these ESS and subject to particular terms and conditions that you may agree to in order to acquire such ESS. To provide clarity, it should be noted that in the event that HomeQube imposes an ESS cost, this price will be in addition to any charges levied by the Property Owners for utilizing their services.


9.1 Prior to submitting your Bidding and/or booking Request, you will receive notification of the permitted payment methods for this request. Although the majority of bids and/or bookings require complete payment upon submission of the bids and/or Booking Request ("Pay Now"), there are instances when we may provide the alternative of paying HomeQube at a later date ("Book Now, Pay Later") or paying the Property Owner directly ("Pay at Hotel").

9.2 There are several factors that might contribute to the failure of payment on our Platform. In instances of this nature, HomeQube will make diligent attempts to provide viable alternatives (where applicable) to facilitate the continuation of your bidding and/or booking, or alternatively, issue a refund in accordance with our Refund Policy. For any inquiries, kindly reach out to the Customer Service department.

9.3 The user grants HomeQube or any other HomeQube business the authority to initiate a charge or debit on their designated Payment Instrument for the whole price of the bidding and/or booking upon the submission of their Bidding and/or booking Request.

9.4 The acquisition of local tax invoices might be facilitated by the Property Owner who is providing the Product to the individual. In instances where it is legally mandated, HomeQube has the obligation to furnish you with a tax invoice.

9.5 The right to revoke a user's bidding and/or booking, including on behalf of the Supplier, may be exercised if the complete payment for the bidding and/or booking is not received promptly. This includes situations where the Payment Instrument cannot be charged on the intended Charge Date due to any reason.


10.2 Any cancellations, modifications, reimbursements, and instances of non-appearance regarding the user's Confirmed Bidding and/or booking are subject to the relevant bidding and/or booking terms and Property Owner Terms. This includes any additional charges that may be imposed by the Supplier. It is advisable to thoroughly review our Refund Policy, as well as the cancellation and no-show policies of the applicable Property Owner(s), and the bidding and/or booking restrictions associated with your selected reservation before proceeding with your bidding and/or booking. It is important to note that specific reservations may possess the characteristic of being non-refundable, non-cancellable, and/or nonchangeable.

10.3 Subject to the provisions of this section, HomeQube retains the authority to impose a cancellation and/or modification fee on behalf of the Supplier. This fee may amount to the entire cost of the reservation and will be applicable in the event that you, as the user, decide to cancel or modify a Confirmed Bidding and/or booking. The specific fees associated with such actions will be clearly stated on our Platform.


11.1 Upon submission of a Bidding and/or booking Request, the user affirms and guarantees to HomeQube that:

11.1.1 The individual must be at least 18 years old or have achieved the age of majority in their nation or territory, and possess the legal ability to engage in the transaction. Alternatively, they may proceed with the transaction if they have obtained authorization from their legal guardian.

11.1.2 It is imperative that the payment instrument employed for bidding and/or booking purposes be either owned by the user or allowed for use, ensuring that there are enough money available to cover the transaction's cost.

11.1.3 The payment details provided by the user for bidding and/or booking purposes are accurate and complete.

11.1.4 The act of reselling any Platform items that have been booked using our Platform is strictly prohibited.

11.1.5 The user is not subject to any international sanctions program or limitations.

11.1.6 In instances when it is relevant and appropriate, it is imperative that you fulfill all of your duties, including but not limited to taxes and withholdings, as mandated by the relevant laws.

11.2 The user is required to submit accurate and up-to-date contact information, including email, postal address, and other relevant data, to the platform that will be kept by the suppliers and property owners but not HomeQube. HomeQube reserves the right to use this information to contact the user if necessary, particularly in relation to their bidding, booking, or any other use of the Platform.


12.1 HomeQube has the potential to provide assistance for various promotional activities, such as discounts, vouchers, promotional rates, promo codes, and incentives. Additionally, HomeQube may also introduce a kind of currency known as "Qubes". Unless explicitly specified, the combination of Promotions with other Promotions and/or loyalty programs is prohibited. Promotions are contingent upon further regulations and specific provisions that will be published on our Platform, subject to potential modifications by HomeQube periodically. Promotions are not eligible for exchange, redemption, or refund in the form of cash, credit, or alternative merchandise. particular promotions may have limited availability in specific regions or may only be applicable to residents of particular territories. These promotions may also exclude certain types of Platform items and might be subject to additional terms and restrictions.

12.2 In the event that a discount code or voucher is not automatically applied, it is necessary to manually use it at the checkout page in order to avail of its benefits for your bidding and/or booking. Unless explicitly specified, promotions will not be applicable to the local taxes, service fees, and any other expenses associated with your bidding and/or booking.

12.3 HomeQube has the authority to discontinue the utilization of any Promo at its discretion. In the event of any disagreement pertaining to Promotions, the ultimate authority to make a decision shall rest with HomeQube.


13.1 Our organization has implemented robust fraud detection and prevention procedures. In some instances, it may be necessary to get supplementary information or verifications in order to authenticate and substantiate your bidding and/or booking. In the event that you opt not to provide the supplementary information or if the information provided fails to meet our satisfaction, your Bidding and/or booking Request will be deemed incomplete and subsequently canceled. Any charges incurred will be promptly returned. There is a potential scenario wherein a Product may become inaccessible during the process of fraud verification, resulting in the discontinuation of bidding and/or booking options. The user acknowledges and agrees that HomeQube has no responsibility or liability in such situations.

13.2 In the event that you have reason to believe that an illegal or fraudulent bidding or booking has been conducted using your Payment Instrument through HomeQube, we kindly request that you promptly reach out to our Customer Service department. It is advisable to promptly notify your bank or Payment Instrument issuer upon becoming aware of any unlawful usage.


14.1 HomeQube does not guarantee the safety or advisability of traveling to certain areas while showcasing Platform goods. Consequently, HomeQube cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses that may occur as a result of traveling to such destinations. It is highly recommended that individuals consult the travel warnings issued by their respective governments pertaining to any place they want to visit, and to undertake the appropriate precautionary measures.

14.2 The individual bears the responsibility of ensuring compliance with all relevant legal obligations while entering a nation or territory, encompassing visa and health prerequisites. Given the potential for these criteria to be modified without prior notification, HomeQube advises individuals to carefully examine travel restrictions, alerts, official statements, and guidance, and to confirm with the relevant consulate before engaging in any bidding or booking activities, as well as before to embarking on their journey. The individual bears the duty of ensuring that they possess insurance coverage either via their own insurance provider or through the Property Owners who may offer insurance coverage. HomeQube does not assume any liability in the insurance procedure and advises individuals to ensure they own an adequate comprehensive travel insurance policy before embarking on their journey.



15.1 If your bidding and/or booking encompasses Accommodations, you may be presented with the opportunity to make a reservation now and settle the payment at a later time. In the event that you have chosen this alternative:

15.1.1 Despite the aforementioned provisions, the sum you bid or book is required to be paid on the designated Charge Date, as specified in the confirmation email. By doing so, you grant HomeQube the authority to charge or debit your chosen Payment Instrument on the aforementioned Charge Date; and

15.1.2 It is recognized and agreed upon that a nominal fee or pre-authorization may be applied to your Payment Instrument upon submission of the Bidding and/or booking Request, and the remaining amount will be charged when the bidding and/or booking amount becomes due by you.


16.1 Star ratings or other designated ratings, referred to as "star ratings," have the potential to be exhibited for certain Accommodations on our Platform. The star ratings are derived from data obtained from the respective Property Owners and are presented solely for informational purposes. HomeQube does not conduct its own verification of star ratings and does not assert that these ratings are or will be in alignment with ratings found on other websites and platforms. Subject to previous articles, HomeQube does not provide any assurances or assertions on the facilities, infrastructures, services, value, convenience, or any other characteristics of any Accommodation based on the star ratings.



17.1 To get details pertaining to our handling of your personal information, we kindly request that you refer to our existing Privacy Policy. This policy is seamlessly integrated into the present Terms. In accordance with relevant legislation, your acceptance of these Terms implies your consent and agreement to our collection, utilization, and dissemination of your personal data as outlined in our Privacy Policy.


18.1 All rights pertaining to our Platform, including intellectual property, trademarks, arrangement, technology, and compilation of the Content, and the infrastructure utilized to deliver such Material, are the property of HomeQube, unless explicitly specified otherwise. Users are required to comply with any copyright notices, trademark regulations, information, and limitations present in any Material that is accessible through our Platform. The user shall not get any rights, ownership, or claims to the intellectual property rights, with the exception of the restricted permission to utilize our Platform and/or Services as given in accordance with these Terms. The trade or service marks of HomeQube are protected and may not be replicated, extracted, mimicked, or utilized, either in their entirety or partially, without obtaining explicit written consent. No provision within these Terms should be interpreted as conferring, either implicitly, by estoppel, or in any other manner, any authorization or entitlement to utilize any of HomeQube's trademarks or service marks.

18.2 The Platform may feature trademarks or service marks of other owners, including other companies, products, and services. These owners may or may not have any endorsement, affiliation, or connection with HomeQube.


19.1 If an individual holds a genuine belief that any Content hosted by us violates their copyright, they or their representative may submit a written notice to us in compliance with our Copyright Infringement Claims Policy.


20.1 To the fullest extent allowed by relevant legislation, you hereby agree to provide indemnification, defense, and protection to HomeQube, and other affiliated entities, as well as each of their respective partners, officers, directors, employees, representatives, distributors, suppliers, licensors, agents, or any other individuals involved in the creation, sponsorship, promotion, or provision of the Platform and its contents, payment service providers, and other relevant third parties ("Covered Parties"). This indemnification shall cover any liability, damage, or loss, including legal fees and expenses, that exceeds the liability limits specified in the previous clauses, and arises from or is connected to your own actions or the actions of any other individual utilizing your HomeQube Account.

20.1.1 Violation of or failure to comply with any relevant legislation or the provisions outlined in these Terms;

20.1.2 The ability to utilize our Platform;

20.1.3 The utilization of any of our provided services;

20.1.4 The act of bidding, booking, or utilizing any items and/or services acquired through our Platform.

20.1.5 Negligence or intentional wrongdoing; and

20.1.6 The act of violating or unlawfully taking possession of the rights belonging to another party, which may include but is not limited to intellectual property rights or rights related to publicity or privacy, is referred to as "Third-Party Claims."

20.2 If deemed necessary and at our own discretion, we retain the right to engage in the defense of any claim or legal action, as well as any discussions regarding potential settlements, that arise from or are related to any claims made by third parties. Prior written consent from HomeQube is required before making any settlement that might potentially have a negative impact on the rights or obligations of the company. The company retains the privilege, at its own cost and with prior notification to the user, to assume sole responsibility for the defense and management of any claim or legal action.


21.1 HomeQube does not possess any unique affiliation or legal obligation towards you in regard to your utilization and access to our Platform, Content, and Services. We lack the ability to exert influence over, and are not obligated to undertake any measures pertaining to:

21.1.1 The potential impact that our content may have on individuals.

21.1.2 The material that you may retrieve using our Platform;

21.1.3 The Users who were utilizing our Platform;

21.1.4 Potential responses that individuals may do subsequent to being exposed to the content; and

21.1.5 The interpretation or utilization of our content.

21.2 We shall not assume responsibility for any expenses incurred by the user in relation to their network provider, who may impose charges for utilizing their connection services to access and utilize our Platform. The responsibility for the availability and quality of telecommunication coverage when using or connecting to our Platform or Services does not lie with us

21.3 The Platform, together with all Services and Material contained within it, is offered in its current state without any warranties or warranties, and is subject to availability. We hereby renounce any and all assurances, whether expressed, implied, or otherwise, including but not limited to warranties of appropriateness, merchantability, safety, non-infringement, fitness for a specific purpose, and the absence of disturbances, oversights, or other inaccuracies in our Platform. These warranties may arise from a course of trade practice, course of performance, dealing, usage, or the utilization of generative AI algorithms or equivalent technology.

21.4 No guarantees or assertions are provided concerning: (i) the approval of any request; (ii) the accessibility of any Product via the Platform; (iii) the outcomes that may be achieved from utilizing the Platform; or (iv) the assurance of receiving the most affordable price for any Product accessible through the Platform.

21.5 HomeQube hereby asserts that it shall not be held liable for any claims, damages, or losses that may arise in relation to or as a result of its activities, in accordance with the broad scope of this provision. Furthermore, HomeQube shall use its right to disclaim any responsibility to the fullest degree allowed by relevant legislation.

21.5.1 HomeQube has the authority to rectify any errors or inaccuracies present on our Platform. These errors may include but are not limited to, mistakes in labels, rates, bidding and/or booking availability, images, attributes, inclusions and exclusions, reviews, and ratings. HomeQube retains the right to correct any inaccuracies in bidding and/or booking availability as well as pricing on our Platform at any given time.

21.5.2 All advertising content provided by third parties and exhibited on our Platform, including but not limited to any oversights, mistakes, or discrepancies within this material.

21.5.3 Potential interruptions to our platform and the services provided on and through the same.

21.5.4 Any data presented and any comments or recommendations provided on the Services or Information on our Platform, for whatever intended use.

21.5.5 The legality, morality, or appropriateness of any information included or accessible through our Platform, including content on other websites that we might link you to;

21.5.6 the presence of viruses or other potentially hazardous components within the emails that we transmit.

21.6 Subject to the extent allowed by relevant legislation, under no circumstances may any person covered by this provision bear responsibility for any kind of injury or loss, whether direct, special, indirect, incidental, exemplary, compensatory, punitive, or consequential in nature. This includes, but is not limited to:

21.6.1 The occurrence of a decrease or absence of contractual agreements or commercial transactions, whether occurring directly or indirectly.

21.6.2 The occurrence of a decrease or absence of The potential or realized decrease in profits, whether they are directly or indirectly related.

21.6.3 The occurrence of a decrease or absence of the current or expected revenues, regardless of whether it is a direct or indirect impact.

This term is applicable irrespective of the basis for damages, whether it be contract, tort (including negligence), violation of statutory obligation, or any other legal grounds, including the indemnification requirements outlined in these Terms.

21.7 The user acknowledges and agrees that HomeQube does not have any direct or indirect operational or control authority over any Product offered by Property Owners or other third parties. Furthermore, the user recognizes that HomeQube bears no control or responsibility for any agreements made with these parties as a consequence of utilizing our Platform or Services. The user's statement acknowledges and agrees that in the event of a disagreement between the user and any Property Owner or other third party, HomeQube is not obligated to intervene. HomeQube absolves itself of all responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by you in relation to any Property Owner or other third party. In the event that a Confirmed Bidding and/or booking fails to be fulfilled due to circumstances such as bankruptcy, rehabilitation, reorganization, insolvency, dissolution, or liquidation of a Partner and/or Supplier, it is acknowledged that your sole recourse will be directed towards the aforementioned Partner and/or Property Owner, rather than towards HomeQube.

21.8 In the event that we are held responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of your utilization of our Platform or Services, or your participation in bidding, booking, or utilization of products or services provided through our Platform, the cumulative liabilities of HomeQube will not surpass the lesser of (a) the total cost of the purchased Product as indicated in the confirmation email (whether for a single occurrence or a sequence of interconnected occurrences); and (b) USD 100 (or the equivalent amount in the local currency). In the event of an overcharge or mischarge attributed to HomeQube, users have the right to file a claim about any incorrect charges, regardless of the aforementioned provisions. It is advisable to promptly file claims following the occurrence of the incident that has led to the claim. Claims that are presented after an unreasonable delay may be deemed invalid in accordance with the relevant statute of limitations.

21.9 No provision within this paragraph shall impose restrictions or exemptions on any obligation that is not capable of being restricted or exempted under the relevant laws. HomeQube shall assume responsibility for the degree of liability as outlined in the applicable laws.

21.10 It is acknowledged that the aforementioned limitations of liability serve as a means to distribute risk between the user and HomeQube. Furthermore, it is understood that in the event that any of the remedies outlined in these Terms are found to be in violation of relevant legislation, these limitations of responsibility will remain in effect.


22.1 HomeQube offers users the ability to search for and make reservations for combined and/or multiple bidding and/or bookings utilizing the Shopping Cart feature for chosen Platform goods. Not all items available on the Platform can be reserved through a combined or multiple bidding and/or booking process. However, those that are eligible for such combined or multiple reservations will be clearly indicated throughout the bidding and/or booking procedure.

22.2 With the exception of those that have been specified, the terms and conditions governing the Shopping Cart, as outlined in this section, are supplementary and should be considered alongside the terms of use for the corresponding Platform items.

22.3 The identification of eligible Platform items on the Platform will occur throughout the search process or when the user chooses the Shopping Cart option. The act of combining or making several bids and/or bookings may result in significant cost reductions on individual items offered by the Platform.

22.4 It should be noted that the price, rate, or charge for the relevant Product shown on the Platform may exhibit variability, even in instances when the Product is identical or comparable. The observed discrepancies can be attributed to various factors, such as the timing and date of the bidding and/or booking process, the inclusions within the total price or rate, and the specific terms and conditions governing the offer, particularly with regards to cancellation and refund policies. The Platform allows users to conveniently complete both bidding and booking processes in a single visit. In the event that the user does not finish the bidding and/or booking during this visit, the selected Platform products will be temporarily saved for future purchase. The choices made by the user will be stored for the purpose of facilitating future bidding and/or booking. However, it is important to note that these options are not reserved exclusively for the user and may be booked by other customers during the intervening period. Unacquired selections will be relinquished following a finite duration, necessitating the recommencement of bidding and/or booking processes. It should be noted that the Platform items that were previously selected may become unavailable or experience fluctuations in their cost.

22.5 By engaging in a combined or multiple bidding and/or booking, you explicitly recognize and consent to the application of the terms and conditions associated with each Product. These terms and conditions shall be applicable to the bidding and/or booking in question, treating it as an independent and distinct transaction. It should be noted that varying terms and conditions may be applicable in the event of a combined or multiple bidding and/or booking, including instances when several bids and/or bookings are made for the same Product.


23.1 We will not be held responsible for any violation of these Terms resulting from an event or situation that is beyond our control or the control of the Covered Parties. Such events or situations may include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, war, weather conditions, fire, terrorist acts, riots, insurgency, rebellion, armed conflicts, labor disputes, lockouts, shortages, arson attacks, government actions, strikes, or restrictions, nuclear incidents, bankruptcy, machinery breakdowns, pilferage, network or system interruptions, electromagnetic pulses,or breakdowns, internet or communications malfunctions, quarantine, epidemics, or pandemics.


24.1 HomeQube retains the authority, in its own discretion and within the bounds of applicable legislation, to make temporary or permanent alterations, suspensions, or terminations to the Platform or any of its components. In the event of the termination of our Platform, the Property Owner(s) will continue to honor your Confirmed Bidding and/or reservations, provided that you adhere to their terms and conditions, until you get a message stating otherwise. The user will continue to be obligated by the terms outlined in this agreement, which includes the warranties they have made, as well as the disclaimers and limits of responsibility. Furthermore, HomeQube has no liability towards you or any other person in the event of discontinuation of your access to the Platform.

24.2 The HomeQube platform and its associated organizations (If any) do not function as a travel agency in regards to the Services and any Product, unless explicitly specified otherwise on our Platform.

24.3 The Terms and any additional referenced files contained herein, subject to potential amendments, collectively form the comprehensive agreement and understanding between HomeQube and the user regarding the subject matter discussed in these Terms. This agreement prevails over any prior agreements or understandings between HomeQube and the user pertaining to the aforementioned subject matter.

24.4 The Terms are subject to modification at any given point. The effectiveness of such modifications will be established upon their publication on the Platform. The constant evaluation of the Terms is incumbent upon you. The user's ongoing utilization of the Platform following any modifications, regardless of whether they have been evaluated by the user, signifies their acceptance and commitment to abide by those revisions. All bidding and/or bookings made by the user will be subject to the prevailing Terms in effect at the time of such bidding and/or booking.

24.5 The Platform and these Terms were initially created in the English language for the ease of use. In the event of a discrepancy between the English language version and a translated version, precedence shall be given to the English language version of these Terms.

24.6 In the event that any portion or provision of these Terms is determined to be invalid, void, illegal, or unenforceable, the remaining portions and provisions of these Terms shall remain unaffected and shall remain in effect as if the invalid, void, illegal, or unenforceable portion had been removed from these Terms.

24.7 Except for any other HomeQube firm, any individual or organization who is not a party to these Terms shall not possess the legal entitlement, as per the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Chapter 53B of Singapore) or any analogous law in any jurisdiction, to enforce any provision within these Terms. The assignment or transfer of rights under these Terms is prohibited without obtaining our prior written authorization. The authority to freely allocate these Terms and the associated rights and responsibilities is retained by us.

24.8 The omission or delay to execute HomeQube's rights under these Terms shall not be considered a waiver of such rights, nor shall it impact the ability to enforce HomeQube's rights under these Terms.

24.9 It should be clarified that these Terms are not applicable to any commercial contractual agreements that the HomeQube businesses may have with other parties, such as the Property Owners and certain advertising affiliates.

24.10 With the exception of the provisions stated elsewhere in these Terms, the laws of the Republic of Singapore will govern these Terms. This includes any disputes that arise in relation to these Terms, including but not limited to alleged breaches or challenges to the validity or enforceability of these Terms or any of its provisions. All issues originating from or related to these Terms shall be submitted to the courts of the Republic of Singapore, which shall have sole jurisdiction in the event of any dispute, to the exclusion of all other jurisdictions.

24.11 FOR US CUSTOMERS: By using our Platform, you consent to having binding arbitration handle any disagreement you may have regarding this Platform, using our services, or these Terms as opposed to taking legal action. There is also a waiver of juries if you accept these terms.


To acquire supplementary knowledge and get a deeper understanding of HomeQube, we kindly direct you to consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section available on our Platform.

If individuals possess grievances regarding our Services, they have the option to reach out to our Customer Service department. We will make every effort to provide you with the utmost assistance. It should be noted that any grievances pertaining to Platform goods are ultimately the responsibility of the Supplier. HomeQube has the potential to engage in direct coordination with a Property Owner in order to seek a mutually acceptable resolution, however it cannot provide assurance of a favorable conclusion.


25.1 HomeQube extends invitations to submit reviews just to guests who have been certified, booked using our platform, and those have not cancelled their bidding or booking.

25.2 The score assigned to each review falls within the range of 1 to 10. Visitors have the option to provide an individualized assessment, referred to as a 'sub-score', in key categories like location, cleanliness, customer service, convenience, facilities, value for money, and the presence of complimentary Wi-Fi. The computed aggregate score is obtained by taking the mean of the individual sub-scores. In instances when a review is submitted incompletely, the data pertaining to any sub-scores that have not been provided is disregarded.

25.3 Additionally, it is possible to present review scores sourced from reputable travel sources. We provide transparency by clearly indicating when we have accomplished this task. For instance, evaluations sourced from Bidding and/or booking.com are shown in a distinct area on our website. Sponsored reviews are not incorporated into our review process.

25.4 Regardless of their sentiment, unless contrary to applicable law, we will publish all comments in their entirety, promptly following moderation to ensure adherence to the Guest Review Guidelines. In order to maintain conciseness, certain evaluations may be temporarily abbreviated. However, all users on our Platform retain the ability to see the complete review in its entirety. In certain instances, reviews might be condensed to ensure conciseness and enhance readability. Additionally, we will ensure openness on the current status of the content that has been submitted.

25.5 Reviews with comments are often organized using a combination of factors to provide the most pertinent reviews. These factors include, but are not limited to, the user's language, travel background, review clarity, and submission date. There are supplementary alternatives for organizing, including options based on date and rating, among others.

25.6 In order to maintain the pertinence of rating scores and review material, we will exclusively consider reviews that are provided during a 12-month period following check-out. Furthermore, we reserve the right to cease displaying reviews that are older than 36 months, or in the event of a change in ownership of the property.

25.7 At HomeQube, it is our belief that authentic evaluations from fellow travelers offer valuable insights that may assist both individuals and others in making informed decisions for future bidding and/or reservations. In order to ensure the relevance, helpfulness, and authenticity of all evaluations on the Platform, we use rigorous rules.

25.8 The viewpoints articulated in the submissions are representative of HomeQube customers and properties, rather than HomeQube itself. HomeQube disclaims any duty or liability for any evaluations or answers. HomeQube functions as a conduit, with no inherent responsibility to authenticate, rather than a publisher of the aforementioned comments and answers.

25.9 In the event that counterfeit reviews are identified, they are promptly removed and appropriate measures are taken against the individuals accountable. In the event that a complaint is lodged against a specific review, our course of action involves scrutinizing the review in issue to determine its appropriateness. This assessment is based on whether the review adheres to our established review rules or whether it exhibits indications of being an inauthentic review.


26.1 The utilization of algorithms and machine learning technologies, including predictive models and generative AI algorithms for content creation, may be employed to enhance and advance our services. These technologies have the potential to engage in interactions with users, such as the utilization of chatbots or comparable technological advancements. The consideration of the appropriate deployment locations and methods for these technologies is conducted in accordance with relevant legal regulations. When implementing these technologies, we additionally consider our Privacy Policy, the extent of human involvement or supervision, further disclosures to clarify the implementation, and other pertinent factors related to the intended deployment.